Team Leader CACSD

Dr. Jan Heiland
Dr. Jan Heiland
Phone: +49 391 6110 476
Room: S2.13

Team Members

Björn Baran
Björn Baran
Phone: +49 391 6110 413
Room: S3.14
Dr. Tim Mitchell
Phone: +49 391 6110 367
Room: S2.19
Links: Personal page
Dr. Jens Saak
Dr. Jens Saak
Phone: +49 391 6110 216
Fax: +49 391 6110 453
Room: S2.20
Christoph Trautwein
Christoph Trautwein
Phone: +49 391 6110 469
Room: S2.09

Computer Aided Control System Design

Computer Aided Control System Design

Computer aided control system design refers to numerical methods for the design of controllers and on modeling, discretization, and simulation of systems with controls and observations. The work on effective control setups combines methods from the fields of model order reduction, matrix equations, and scientific computing.

One of our core areas is the computer aided control of system governed by (partial) differential equations. Among others, we develop numerical algorithms for robust control and stabilization of descriptor systems that are obtained from the discretization of differential equations with additional constraints like the Navier-Stokes equations.

Within the vast research field of numerical methods for control systems, we 
focus on the construction of (subptimal) H-infinity controllers or the computation of system norms by using spectral information of certain structured matrix pencils. Apart from the developments in the theory, our algorithms are casted into efficient and robust software environments.

Current Projects

ProjectScientistsFunded byPartners
Numerical solution of optimal control problems with DAE constraints Heiland MPI TU Berlin (Altmann), TU Delft (Baumann)
Stabilization of multifield flow problems Benner, Weichelt, Skrzypacz, Saak, Stoll DFG SPP1253 (until 10/2013), MPI (since 11/2013) FAU Erlangen (Bänsch), OVGU (Schieweck)
Periodic control systems Benner, Hossain MPI North South Univ., Dhaka (Hossain)
Computational methods for robust control Benner, Mitchell, Voigt MPI, IMPRS NYU (Overton), TU Berlin (Mehrmann), Lehigh U (Curtis), Aquila U (Guglielmi), MIT (Gürbüzbalaban)
Optimization and optimal control of vibrating systems Benner, Kürschner, Denißen, Yue DAAD PPP Croatia (01/2013-12/2014) J.J. Strossmayer Uni of Ossijek (Truhar, Tomljanović), Uni Innsbruck (Mena), OVGU (Sager)
Simulation and optimization of random PDEs Benner, Stoll, Dolgov, Onwunta MPI, IMPRS, CDS
Control and stabilization of distributed parameter systems with application to crystallization processes and chromatography as high-performance separation techniques Zuyev MPI (until 09/2015); then MPG assets) PSD, PCF

Concluded Projects

ProjectScientistsFunded by
HPC domain decomposition for PDE constrained optimization Stoll, Barker CDS (01/2013-07/2013) NDS (08/2013-01/2014)
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for PDE constrained optimization, in particular reaction diffusion systems Benner, Yücel, Stoll MPI, CDS (since 10/2012)

Recent Publications

F. E. Curtis, T. Mitchell, and M. L. Overton (2017)
A BFGS-SQP Method for Nonsmooth, Nonconvex, Constrained Optimization and its Evaluation using Relative Minimization Profiles
J. Heiland (2016)
A Differential-Algebraic Riccati Equation for Applications in Flow Control
P. Benner, M. Heinkenschloss, J. Saak, and H. K. Weichelt (2016)
An inexact low-rank Newton–ADI method for large-scale algebraic Riccati equations
P. Benner and J. Heiland (2015)
LQG-Balanced Truncation Low-Order Controller for Stabilization of Laminar Flows
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