Quantitative Analysis of Metabolic and Regulatory Networks of Cellular Systems

Quantitative Analysis of Metabolic and Regulatory Networks of Cellular Systems

For a better understanding of cell growth and product formation in animal cell culture, comprehensive quantitative data sets are collected over the cultivation process [1-3]. These data can give insight into the morphology of cells, their growth state, and their metabolism. Virus infected cells are adding another dimension to the complexity of the bioprocess. Here, virus replication can dramatically affect cell growth and metabolism depending on cell line and virus strain. Additionally, infection conditions, multiplicity of infection, quasi-species character of virus populations, and accumulation of defective interfering virus particles can lead to a multidimensional dynamic network where mathematical models can help to simulate and explain the observed experimental findings.

The cellular network:

Cell physiology - Cell size, cell count, cell cycle, apoptosis...

Intracellular metabolites - Nucleotides, glycolytic intermediates, TCA intermediates, hexosamine pathway...

Extracellular metabolites - Substrates (pyruvate, glucose, amino acids, oxygen), inhibitors, Products (lactate, ammonia, virus)

Enzyme activities - intracellular enzyme activity, Virus, Virus titer, intracellular virus replication, defective interfering particles


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