Model Reduction of Dynamical Systems (Summer term 2019)

This course deals with Model Order Reduction (MOR) for the efficient simulation of large-scale dynamical systems. 

Almost all MOR methods will be introduced and discussed, including both frequency domain and time domain methods: Balanced truncation, moment-matching, rational interpolation, POD, reduced basis method. MOR methods applied to real world problems will be presented in order to highlight the necessity and usefullness of model reduction.


Wednesday 09:00 - 11:00 G02 - 20
Friday 13:00 - 15:00 G02 - 20
Exercises: Every second Wednesday/Friday at the same timings as Lectures (will be announced) G02 - 20

Schedule announcements

    • Next Exercise on : 10.04.2019 (Wednesday)
    • On 24.04.2019 (Wednesday) there will be Lecture, On 26.04.2019 (Friday) there will be Exercise
    • There will be no Lecture/Exercise On 08.05.2019 and 10.05.2019





      • Basics of linear systems and control theory.
      • Model reduction methods for nonparametric linear and nonlinear systems:
        • balanced truncation (SVD-based methods),
        • Padé approximation / rational interpolation (Krylov subspace based methods),
        • proper orthogonal decomposition (POD).
      • Model reduction for parametric systems (multi-moment matching, reduced basis method).
      • Applications of model reduction in computational science and engineering.

Certificate for successful participation

Criteria for getting a certificate for successful participation:

      • Reasonable execution of at least 50% of the homework exercises.
      • Demonstration of at least two homework exercises in the tutorial class.

Further information on exams will be given in the lecture.


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