Head of the Group

Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Stein, M.Sc.
Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Stein, M.Sc.
Phone: +49 391 6110 436
Fax: +49 391 6110 403
Room: S1.17

Most recent publication

Edler, E.; Stein, M.: Recognition and stabilization of geranylgeranylated human Rab5 by the GDP Dissociation Inhibitor (GDI). Small GTPases 10 (3), pp. 227 - 242 (2019)


PhD and PostDoc positions available.

Please contact Dr. Matthias Stein.


Publications of the MSD Group

Journal Article (3)

  1. Journal Article
    Erdem, Ö. F.; Stein, M.; Kaur-Ghumaan, S.; Reijerse, E. J.; Ott, S.; Lubitz, W.: Effect of Cyanide Ligands on the Electronic Structure of [FeFe] Hydrogenase Active-Site Model Complexes with an Azadithiolate Cofactor. Chemistry – A European Journal 19 (43), pp. 14566 - 14572 (2013)
  2. Journal Article
    Stein, M.; Kaur-Ghumaan, S.: Microbial hydrogen splitting in the presence of oxygen. Biochemical Society Transactions 41 (5), pp. 1317 - 1324 (2013)
  3. Journal Article
    Wang, W.; Nilges, M. J.; Rauchfuss, T. B.; Stein, M.: Isolation of a Mixed Valence Diiron Hydride: Evidence for a Spectator Hydride in Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis. Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (9), pp. 3633 - 3639 (2013)

Talk (9)

  1. Talk
    Durdagi, S.; Samira, Y.; Stein, M.: Protein-Protein Docking Analysis and Refinement of the Ubiquitin- and Tetraubiquitin-associated IkBa/NF-kB Complex. 27th Molecular Modeling Workshop, Erlangen, Germany (2013)
  2. Talk
    Durdagi, S.; Yazdi, S.; Stein, M.: Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions of the Site-specific Mono and tetra-Ubiquitin-associated IκBα / NF-κB Complexes. 6th Theoretical Biophysics Symposium 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden (2013)
  3. Talk
    Durdagi, S.; Randal, T.; Duff, H. J.; Noskov, S. Y.: Rehabilitation Studies for Withdrawn Drugs from the Market Using Multi-Scale Modeling Approaches. Rehabilitation Studies for Withdrawn Drugs from the Market Using Multi-Scale Modeling Approaches, Istanbul, Turkey (2013)
  4. Talk
    Salmas, R. E.; Durdagi, S.; Stein, M.; Yurtsever, M.: Dopamin (D2) Reseptorünün Aktif ve Aktif Olmayan Fonformasyonlarının Protein Modelleme Teknikleri ile Geliştirilmesi ve Şizofreni İlaçları İle Olan Etkileşimlerinin Aydınlatılması. 25. Ulusal Biyofizik Kongresi, Trabzon, Turkey (2013)
  5. Talk
    Stein, M.; Rauchfuss, T. B.: The electronic structure and spin density distribution in biomimetic mixed-valence complexes. 112th Bunsentagung: Theory meets Spectroscopy, Karlsruhe, Germany (2013)
  6. Talk
    Stein, M.: Hydrogen conversion in enzymes and biomimetic systems. Bioenergetics in mitochondria, bacteria and chloroplasts, Schloss Rauischolzhausen, Germany (2013)
  7. Talk
    Stein, M.: Proteine im Kontext: Interaktion, Katalyse und Kommunikation. Chemiedozententagung 2013, Berlin, Germany (2013)
  8. Talk
    Stein, M.: The structural biology of the interactome and the kineticome. Ingerative Biodiversity Research, Leipzig, Germany (2013)
  9. Talk
    Stein, M.: From Enzymes to Biomimetic Systems and Back. 10th International Hydrogenase Conference, Szeged, Hungary (2013)

Poster (6)

  1. Poster
    Buchholz, H. K.; Le Minh, T.; Stein, M.; Lorenz, H.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.: Solubility determination and prediction of the lactide species. BIWIC 2013 - 20th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization, Odense, Denmark (2013)
  2. Poster
    Chambers , G. M.; Angamuthu, R.; Mitra , J.; Rauchfuss, T. B.; Stein, M.: Ni-Ru Dithiolates as Models for the Ni-L State in [NiFe]-Hydrogenase. XVIth International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Grenoble, France (2013)
  3. Poster
    Durdagi, S.; Randal, T.; Duff, H. J.; Noskov, S. Y.: Rehabilitation Studies for withdrawn drugs from the market: derivation of non-hERG1 channel blocker cisapride analogues using multi-faceted approaches. 57th Biophysical Society Meeting, Philadelphia, USA (2013)
  4. Poster
    Yazdi, S.; Durdagi, S.; Stein, M.: The structural biology of IκBα and NF-κB signalling. Signal Transduction: Receptors, Mediators and Genes 2013 Meeting, Weimar, Germany (2013)
  5. Poster
    Yazdi, S.; Durdagi, S.; Stein, M.: The interplay between phosphorylation of IκBα and its recognition by β-TrCP through MD simulation and protein-protein docking. TheoBio 2013 - 6th International Theoretical Biophysics Symposium, Gothenburg, Sweden (2013)
  6. Poster
    Yazdi, S.; Stein, M.: Unraveling the structural effects of phosphorylation on the human IκBα/NF-κB complex. ISMB/ECCB 2013 - 21st Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, 12th European Conference on Computational Biology, Berlin, Germany (2013)

Thesis - Master (1)

  1. Thesis - Master
    Edler, E.: Quantum chemical investigation of the hydrogen evolution reaction of a mononuclear iron(III) dithiolene complex as a biomimetic model for a hydrogenase. Master, 98 pp., Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg (2013)
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