Publications of V. Galvita

Poster (5)

Heidebrecht, P.; Galvita, V.; Sundmacher, K.: CO-free Hydrogen Production in a Two-step Cyclic Reactor. 1st European Fuel Cell Technology and Applications Conference, Rome, Italy (2005)
Galvita, V.; Sobyanin, V.; Sundmacher, K.: The Use of Ethanol for Combined Heat and Power Stations on the Basis of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells. 16th International Conference on Chemical Reactors,, Berlin, Germany (2003)
Galvita, V.; Sundmacher, K.: Production of Hydrogen by Reforming of Bioethanol in a Two-Layer Fixed Bed Reactor for Fuel Cell Applications. Innovation in the Manufacture and Use of Hydrogen, DGMK-Conference, Dresden, Germany (2003)
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