Seminar: Scientific Computing (Summer Term 2024)

The seminar covers advanced topics in Scientific Computing in addition to the lecture "Scientific Computing II". The students get in touch with modern algorithms, parallel programming models and programming languages, and legal problems that might appear when they want to use existing software packages.

General Information

Supplementary seminar for the lecture Scientific Computing II
Although the seminar is by conception a supplementary course for the lecture, it can still be passed successfully without participation in the lecture itself.

This year’s seminar has been merged with the Numerics Seminar by Thomas Richter and Robert Altmann.

Please contact us by E-Mail if you are interested in contributing/participating.


Participants:Mathematics (Bachelor/Master),
Computer Science (Bachelor/Master),
Computational Methods in Engineering (Master),
IMPRS PhD students and comparable


The selection of the presentation topics by the speakers and the planning of the schedule will happen on April 12, 2024. If you feel like presenting a specific topic from the list linked under Literature below, and want to prepare over the semester break, feel free to contact us earlier.

Criteria for getting a course assessment:

  • oral presentation in one slot of the seminar schedule, possibly including presentation of numerical experiments
  • preparation of a seminar report (about 10pages) for the seminar collection.

Seminar Collection

All presentation reports will be collected in a joint document at the end of the term and made available to all participants. The preparation is done using the LaTeX typesetting system. The template for the single chapters is available for download here.


A list of short descriptions of all presentation topics together with the corresponding literature is available here.

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