Advanced Topics of Numerical Linear Algebra

We discuss advanced numerical linear algebra problems like: matrix equations, matrix functions, tensor problems.

Dates:       Wednesday, 9:00-11:00, G12-201, Thursday 13:00-15:00, G05-314.

Last exercise on Thursday, July 5.  

Exams: please write an E-mail to kuerschner@mpi-...... to schedule a time.


  • Brief recapitulation of important concepts from (numerical) linear algebra, especially regarding linear systems of equations and linear eigenvalue problems.
  • Matrix equations
    • Theory, applications
    • Methods for small / dense linear and quadratic equations
  • Matrix functions
    • Theory, applications
    • Computing functions of small, dense matrices
    • Approximating matrix function times a vector
  • Randomized Algorithms
  • Brief Outlook to Multilinear (Numerical) Algebra

Seminar Advanced Topics in Numerical Linear Algebra

in parallel to the lecture, there will be a seminar about further topics in Numerical Linear Algebra. It will be held on September 18, 2018 at the Max Planck Institute, seminar room Prigogine - V0.05-2+3.

Although the seminar is supplementary, it is advised for lecture participants to attend the seminar even without giving an own talk because interesting additional problems will be discussed.

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