Abstract guidelines

General Information & Format

Please note, an abstract template can be found here. We kindly encourage use the template to meet the criteria below.

  • Submission Deadline: 11 Nov 2022
  • Abstracts should be no longer than 330 words (excluding title, authors, affiliations and references) and not exceed one page.
  • Font: 11 point Arial, single-spaced.
  • Each of the three sections of the abstract (title, authors/ affiliations, the abstract itself) should be in separate paragraphs.
  • Title should be in bold.
  • The presenting author’s name should be underlined.
  • Authors’ names should adopt the format of one or more initials followed by a surname (Example:  JW Smith).
  • Authors’ names should be separated by commas.
  • Please submit your abstract as a Word document.



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