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New research project on analysis of forced periodic operation of chemical reactors with application to methanol synthesis with Prof. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern (MPI Magdeburg) and Prof. Menka Petkovska (Belgrad University). The project is embedded in the DFG priority program SPP 2080 on 'Catalysts and reactors under dynamic conditions for energy storage and conversion' more

Christoph Neugebauer received the best presentation award at the 6th Population Balance Modeling Conference in Ghent/Belgium for his presentation ``Influence of thermal conditions on particle properties in fluidized bed layering granulation''. more

Recently, the 3rd funding period of the collaborative research center Transregio 63 (InPROMPT) was granted. Together with Prof. Sundmacher's group we are working on integrated solvent and process design using mixed integer optimization. more

On 23 November Prof. Achim Kienle received the annually research award of the Otto-von-Guericke University for his outstanding research on model-based analysis, synthesis and control of complex processes. more

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