The dynamic regime of electrochemical processes is on one side dictated by the nature of renewable electricity and on other side it can help in diagnosis of electrochemical systems (like fuel cells and electrolysers) or can influence the productivity of electrochemical reactors (influence catalyst aging, selectivity etc.). more
A high interest in use of enzymes in technical systems, is mainly triggered by their high selectivity and their excellent catalytic activity under mild conditions (neutral pH, low temperature). These features render applications where technical systems respond selectively towards components of complex mixtures as expected in biosensors. more
The ability to build flexible energy regeneration devices that can process a variety of substrates and convert them into suitable forms of energy will be invaluable in future. The conventional catalysts or biocatalysts are not able to “digest” complex substrates ending up in only partial fuel utilization. In this respect we extend toolboxes of classical (bio)electrochemistry by synthetic biology. more
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