PLICMR - The Parallel Library in Control: Model Reduction

PLiCMR is a library of routines for parallel model reduction of large-scale discrete or continuous linear time invariant systems represented using the state-space model. Three methods are available in PLiCMR: Balance & Truncate, Singular Perturbation Approximation, and Hankel-Norm Approximation. Future extensions will include Balanced Stochastic Truncation.

The Parallel Library in Control: Model Reduction (PLiCMR) package contains subroutines for model reduction of linear dynamical systems in state-space form on parallel distributed computers. Currently it contains routines for balanced truncation, singular perturbation approximation, optimal Hankel norm approximation, and stochastic balancing for stable systems using dense matrix algebra.

The parallelization model is based on the approach used in ScaLAPACK. Numerical computations are based on ScaLAPACK as far as possible and communication is performed using the Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subroutines (BLACS) on top of a communication library such as PVM or MPI.

The documentation of the library is available on-line in HTML format.

For more information on PLiCMR, consult

which describes those routines of PLiCMR that have been integrated into the parallelized version of SLICOT, called PSLICOT.

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