Fundamentals of Adsorption-14, 2022

Main focus of the conference was on CO2 capture considering different gas streams

July 18, 2022

The 14th International Conference “Fundamentals of Adsorption-FOA” took place in Broomfield, Colorado, beetween May 22 and 27, 2022 . The meeting was chaired by Professor Christopher W. Jones from Georgia Tech, Atlanta.

During this triannual meeting of the International Adsorption Society (IAS) 340 participants from all over the world discussed in different sessions the following fields:

Adsorption Fundamentals, Adsorption Hardware, Emerging Adsorbents, Methods of Adsorbent Characterization, Molecular Modeling & Physical Chemistry, Energy and Environmental Applications, Gas Storage & Separation by Adsorption, Green Industrial Technologies, Process Intensification, Data Science and Machine Learning.

A main focus was set at FOA-14 on CO2 capture considering different gas streams, namely natural gas, biogas, flue gas, industrial streams, direct air capture.

Passing the Baton

At the end of the meeting, Professor Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern, director at the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg, completed his three year term as the President of the IAS and passed over the baton to Professor Paul Webley from Monash University, Melbourne.

After the start of the corona pandemic in 2020 IAS initiated an ongoing series of instructive webinars covering the whole range of adsorption related topics. The recordings are available under YouTube:

The next meeting FOA-15 will take place in 2025 in Porto, Portugal.

Text: Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern

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