Max Planck Institute Magdeburg intensifies cooperation with Ukrainian scientists

Grants from EIRENE cooperation program of the Max Planck Society to support Ukrainian scientists

October 18, 2023

The Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg receives funding for three years from the Max Planck Society's EIRENE cooperation program to support Ukrainian scientists from July 1, 2023. Previously, the institute had already supported refugee Ukrainian scientists with temporary visiting fellowships since February 2022.

The funding comprises 20,000 euros annually, 15,000 euros of which is a research grant, for example for workshops, salaries of scientists or the procurement of laboratory consumables and small laboratory instruments and equipment. For research stays at the MPI, 5,000 euros are available for a mobility grant.

"The Board of Directors and the members of staff at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg declare their solidarity with all Ukrainian citizens, and in particular with our own, current and former, Ukrainian employees and their families, as well as with our colleagues at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, with whose Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics we are already associated by a cooperation agreement since 2017," explains Prof. Dr. Peter Benner, Director at the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg.

The new collaboration with the Glushkov Institute for Cybernetics, Department of Numerical Methods and Computer Modeling, at NAS builds on similar preliminary work by both groups on the fast solution of linear structured systems of equations and eigenvalue problems. The structures studied arise, for example, in problems of continuum mechanics, and it is also intended to investigate whether these methods can be used to train artificial neural networks more quickly.

"With this grant, we are able to support scientists in their home country and enable them to spend research stays at MPI Magdeburg," says Prof. Dr. Peter Benner.

About the EIRENE Program of the Max Planck Society.

The EIRENE Max Planck-Ukraine Cooperation & Mobility Grant is a package consisting of a Cooperation Grant and a Mobility Grant. EIRENE can be applied for jointly by outstanding Ukrainian early career researchers and either Directors of Max Planck Institutes or Research Group Leaders of MPI. The Ukrainian researchers must be based at a research institution / university in his/her home country.

EIRENE Grants are directed at researchers whose doctorate was awarded no more than four years ago and who can already demonstrate a recognizable scientific profile.

The grant enables project collaboration in research areas that are innovative and scientifically promising. They serve to support Ukrainian researchers in initiating high-level collaborations with the MPI.

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