DECHEMA Student Awards for Susann Triemer and Karsten Rätze

September 27, 2017

Susann Triemer, M.Sc., scientist in the MPI research group Physical and Chemical Foundations of Procoess Engineering, and Karsten Hans Georg Rätze, M.Sc., scientist in the MPI research group Process Systems Engineering, have been each awarded with the DECHEMA Student Awards for excellently graduating in the areas of "Chemical Process Engineering / Chemical Engineering".

The DECHEMA student awards are granted anually to graduates in Technical Chemistry, Chemical Process Engineering and Biotechnology. Only graduates who distinguish themselves by completing their studies in a particular short time and achieving outstanding results are eligible.

This award was established by the Board of DECHEMA in 1993 as a contribution towards increasing efficiency at German universities.

The awards include all expenses of the following: two year membership of DECHEMA, invitation to the award-winners' colloquium of the Max-Buchner-Forschungsstiftung with gala evening, invitation to two conferences organized by DECHEMA in Germany or abroad, including travel costs.

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