Aerial view of the playing fields of the TuS 1860 Magdeburg-Neustadt sportsclub. copyright: TuS

Sportsclub TuS 1860 Magdeburg-Neustadt e.V. - Venue of the traditional BIWIC Football Match

The traditional BIWIC football match will be held at the grounds of the sportsclub TuS 1860 Magdeburg-Neustadt e.V., located in the urban district of Magdeburg Neue Neustadt.

Founded in 1860 the TuS sportsclub plays an active role in the social life of the city of Magdeburg. More than 800 active sportsmen and -women as well as supporters are united in this club.

The club comprises of the departments football (soccer), handball, table tennis, chess, athletic sports and gymnastics. The football department holds around 400 of all members.

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