GlycoBioTec 2019

2nd International GlycoBioTec Symposium 2019

GlycoBioTec 2019

The next GlycoBioTec will be held at the Harnack House, the conference venue of the Max Planck Society, in Berlin from 28-30 January 2019. More information and updates will follow in spring and summer 2018.

The objective of the GlycoBioTec Symposium is to bring together opinion leaders, pioneers, experts, professionals and newbees on this field in a concentrated and focused manner - undiluted by non-glyco-stuff.


- Impact of Expression Systems and Cultivation Conditions on Glycosylation

- Synthetic Glycoengineering

- Glycoengineering via Cell Line Design

- Technologies & Methods for Glycoanalytics

- Glycoimmunology

- Glycosylation & Protein Function

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