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Gabriele Ebel, M.A.
Gabriele Ebel, M.A.
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Latest information on the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg

On the pages of the Public Relations department at the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg you will find press releases including the latest scientific news of the institute.

The Report of our institute presents a summary of the achievements of the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg on an annual or bi-annual basis. The report renders account on the recent scientific research activities and highlights selected research topics.

The institute organizes workshops, conferences, lectures and other events for the scientific community in Magdeburg and worldwide.

The MPI Magdeburg also takes part in international fairs as ACHEMA or Biotechnica.

The MPI opens its doors to the interested public during the annual Science Night in Magdeburg.

We are very proud, that members of our institute are honoured with scientific awards and receive attractive offers from other research institutions.
We present a list of recipients of awards and appointments (in German).

Please contact the Public Relations Department for further information.

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