Head of the Group

Dr.-Ing. Steffen Klamt
Dr.-Ing. Steffen Klamt
Phone: +49 391 6110 480
Fax: +49 391 6110 509


Anke Goettert
Phone: +49 391 6110 477
Fax: +49 391 6110 452

News / Latest Publications

05.10.2017: New Publication         
von Kamp A, Thiele S, Hädicke O, Klamt S (2017) Use of CellNetAnalyzer in biotechnology and metabolic engineering. Journal of Biotechnology 261: 221-228.

22.08.2017: News
Press release to a recently published paper of our group.

04.07.2017: New Publication       
von Kamp A, Klamt S. (2017) Growth-Coupled overproduction is feasible for almost all metabolites in five major production organisms. Nature Communications 8: 15956.

11.05.2017: New Publication         
Zander D, Samaga D, Straube R, Bettenbrock K. (2017) Bistability and Nonmonotonic Induction of the lac Operon in the Natural Lactose Uptake System. Biophysical Journal 112: 1984-1996.

09.05.2017: New Publication         
Klamt S, Regensburger G, Gerstl MP, Jungreuthmayer C, Schuster S, Mahadevan R, Zanghellini J, Müller S. (2017) From elementary flux modes to emelentary flux vectors:Metabolic pathway analysis with arbitrary linear flux constraints. PLoS Comput Biol 13: e1005409.


Our Projects are financially supported by:

  • Biotech 2020+: "Analysis an Desgin of bacterial enzyme Cascades for substantial Application of CO2" (funded by the Ministry of Research and Education, BMBF)

  • Biotech 2020+: "Dynamic Prozess Optimization in Biotechnolgy" (funded by the Ministry of Research and Education, BMBF)

  • Research Center "Dynamic Systems" (CDS) (funded by the Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of Education)

  • "de.NBI-Partner: ModSim -Ressources, Services and Development for systembiology Modelling" (funded by the Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of Education)

  • ERC-Consolidator Grant: "StrainBooster" (funded by the European Research Council, ERC)

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