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Analysis and Redesign of biological Networks
Dr. Steffen Klamt

Bioprocess Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Reichl

Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
Prof. Dr. Peter Benner

Data-Driven System Reduction and Identification
Prof. Athanasios C. Antoulas

Molecular Simulations and Design
Dr. Matthias Stein

Numerical Linear Algebra for Dynamic Systems
Dr. Martin Stoll

Physical and Chemical Foundations of Process Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern

Process Synthesis and Process Dynamics
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kienle

Process Systems Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Sundmacher

Systems and Control Theory
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Raisch


Publications of the Max Planck Institute

Journal Article (95)

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