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International Max Planck Research School for Advanced Methods in Process and Systems Engineering

About the IMPRS ProEng

The major goal of this International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) is to provide excellent training and PhD research on the analysis, the design and the optimization in chemical and biochemical processes engineering. Fostering a close interplay between theory and praxis is among our main goals, as well as promoting the use of mathematical modeling approaches based on a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of chemical and biochemical processes.

The focus of the IMPRS is on

  • the development and the application of mathematical modeling approaches and systems theoretical methods to identify systems structures, to investigate process behavior and to design technical processes for specific tasks;
  • the experimental characterization of challenging technical processes to identify key components of structure and function, to analyze systems under a variety of different process conditions, to characterize influence on modifications and perturbations on process performance, to enhance process yields and to validate mathematical models.

The IMPRS PhD program enables its doctoral students to develop knowledge, skills and perspectives - making them capable of innovative, independent scientific work of high quality.

Education and research within the IMPRS Magdeburg have a close partnership with the following institutions:

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