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Structured PhD Program

The IMPRS Magdeburg offers young researchers a stimulating and challenging atmosphere for education and research in a highly international and interdisciplinary environment.

Based on their specific background, students can select PhD topics focusing on mathematical and systems theoretical or applied aspects of modeling technical and biological processes at the forefront of current research. Our structured PhD program enables the development of knowledge, skills, perspectives and understandings in order to pursue independent, high-level scientific work.

To achieve this ambitious goal, students are offered a broad range of lectures and seminars - including systems and control theory, methods of continuous and discrete mathematics, numerical methods, fundamental and advanced courses in chemical and bioprocess engineering as well as selected topics from various biological and medical disciplines. Moreover, experimental training for PhD students is offered at the corresponding laboratories of the Max Planck Institute and the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg.

Students work in close partnership with their supervisors. PhD advisory committees (PACs) not only orient the students when selecting appropriate lectures, seminars and courses, but are also in charge of monitoring and discussing the status of their thesis.

Apart from researching, writing and successfully defending their thesis, students are required to achieve at least 30 credit points in order to complete the IMPRS program. Our curriculum is divided into three modules: introduction, core curriculum and specialization. Here you can get an overview of the structure:

  • Introductory Course

  • Core Curriculum

  • Advanced and Specialized Courses

All current lectures supported by the IMPRS can be found on the LSF portal of the Otto von Guericke University. Courses can also be taken in our partner university in Braunschweig. The offer can be consulted at the online portal of the University Braunschweig.

The curriculum is complemented by extern talks, seminars and summer schools conducted by leading experts in their fields in order to cover a broad range of topics and ensure fruitful exchanges. Several times throughout the year courses on scientific skills, like project management, scientific writing and presenting professionally are offered.

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