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  1. 261.
    Dürr, R.; Duvigneau, S.; Laske, T.; Bachmann, M.; Kienle, A.: Analyzing the impact of heterogeneity in genetically engineered cell lines for influenza vaccine production using population balance modeling. 6th IFAC Conference on Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering (FOSBE), Magdeburg, Germany (2016)
  2. 262.
    Geyyer, R.; Dürr, R.; Temmel, E.; Li, T.; Lorenz, H.; Palis, S.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Kienle, A.: Control of MSMPR crystallization processes. BIWIC 2016 - 23rd International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization, Magdeburg, Germany (2016)
  3. 263.
    Kaspereit, M.; Schramm, H.; Kienle, A.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.: Improvement of SMB Processes by Cyclic Modulation of the Feed Concentration. ECCE - 4th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, Granada, Spain (2003)
  4. 264.
    Schramm, H.; Kaspereit, M.; Kienle, A.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.: Verbesserung der Trennleistung von Simulated Moving Bed-Prozessen durch zyklische Modulation der Feedkonzentration. Dechema/GVC-Jahrestagungen 2003 , Mannheim, Germany (2003)
  5. 265.
    Thiel, C.; Rapmund, P.; Sundmacher, K.; Hoffmann, U.; Mohl, K. D.; Kienle, A.; Gilles, E. D.: Intensified Production of Fuel Ethers in Reactive Distillation Columns - Experimental Validation of Predicted Multiple Steady States. The First European Congress on Chemical Engineering, Florence, Italy (1997)

Thesis - Habilitation (1)

  1. 266.
    Thesis - Habilitation
    Kienle, A.: Nichtlineare Dynamik verfahrenstechnischer Prozesse. Habilitation, Universität, Stuttgart (2002)

Issue (2)

  1. 267.
    Kienle, A.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Sundmacher, K. (Eds.): Particulate processes: a special issue of Chemical Engineering and Processing (Special issue). (2006)
  2. 268.
    Gilles, E. D.; Kienle, A. (Eds.): Particulate Processes: a Special Issue of Chemical Engineering Science (Special issue). (2002)

Editorial (2)

  1. 269.
    Kienle, A.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Sundmacher, K.: Particulate processes a special issue of Chemical Engineering and Processing. Chemical Engineering and Processing 45 (10), pp. 813 - 814 (2006)
  2. 270.
    Gilles, E. D.; Kienle, A.: Particulate Processes: a Special Issue of Chemical Engineering Science. Chemical Engineering Science 57 (20), p. 4255 (2002)

Patent (1)

  1. 271.
    Schramm, H.; Kienle, A.; Kaspereit, M.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.: Method and Device for Chromatographic Component Separation. US7479228B2 (2009)
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