1. pyMOR School

  • Beginn: 07.10.2019
  • Ende: 11.10.2019
  • Ort: Max-Planck-Institut Magdeburg
  • Gastgeber: Dr. Jens Saak, Team Leader 'Matrix Equations' and 'Scientific Computing'
  • Kontakt: school@pymor.org
1. pyMOR School

The pyMOR School is the first event for the current and future pyMOR users. It will take place at the Max Planck Institute in Magdeburg from Monday afternoon (October 7) to Friday noon (October 11).

The School will consist of introductory lectures on MOR methods available in pyMOR and programming sessions where participants will be able to use pyMOR for their own projects with the help of pyMOR developers.

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