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Coffee Lectures

The Coffee Lectures take place online. Each Coffee Lecture will start at 2 p.m. and will take no longer than 30 minutes (15 minutes talk & 15 minutes discussion). Registration is not required.

Predatory publishing : A to Z elements

Predatory publishing : A to Z elements

forthcoming, 2024
There is no single checklist for determing if a publisher or journal is predatory. Learn, which common qualities and features are shared by reputable publishers and journals.
How can B!SON help to find a suitable Open Access Journal?
November 29, 2023
Get a short introduction to a recommender system for quality-assured open access journals. more
Open Access to Publications & Data - what are the requirements of the research funders?
September 20, 2023
Get an up-to-date overview on different research funders guidelines. more
EDMOND - the open research data repository of MPS
July 12, 2023
Learn how to store your research data within MPS environment and how to create citable research objects.
Publishing green OA - what should I do?
February 22, 2023
Learn how you can publish open access at no additional costs and what you should consider. more
3 People with magnifying glass respectively binoculars searching for research data on a screen.
October 5, 2022
Learn where you can search for research data and why you should reuse them more
Female student is sitting in front of a table, on the table there are many books and print issues, she is looking thoughtfully in the air
June 22, 2022
Understand the Creative Commons Licenses and learn how to use them more
The DEAL - what is new and what does it mean
September 23, 2020
Get an overview for nation wide open access publishing agreements in Germany. more
Your Publication in MPG.PuRe and on MPI websites
June 10, 2020
Learn more about MPG.PuRe and why it is important to add your MPI publication to the institutional repository of the MPS. more
How to identify predatory publisher
May 13, 2020
Learn how to decide wether you can trust a publisher, a journal or a conference organizer more
How to deal with research data
February 5, 2020
kinds & sources of research data, research data life cycle, FAIR principles, research data publication, research data storage at MPI Magdeburg more

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