Bachelor / Master Thesis in Molecular Biology (m/f/d)

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg

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Young Researchers

Complex Systems Structural and Cell Biology Chemistry

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Job offer from March 26, 2021

The Molecular Biology team in the Department of Bioprocess Engineering at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg, is inviting applications for a bachelor/master thesis in the field of molecular virology of influenza A virus.

Field of study

Influenza A virus (IAV) infections may lead to a potential pandemic. With various strains in circulation, it is essential to develop novel antiviral therapeutics to prevent any development of resistance to currently available antiviral drugs. Defective interfering particles (DIPs) are naturally occurring mutants derived from IAV; carry a large internal deletion in the genome, making them replication-defective. These particles interfere with the replication of IAV, hence regarded as a promising antiviral. However, the exact mechanisms of interference remain unknown. A popular theory is the involvement of RIG-I receptor-based innate immune responses as a major contributor to the antiviral activity of DIPs.

Our group’s focus is to understand the different mechanisms of interference used by DIPs against standard IAV infection in a host cell.

The topic of the thesis is “The development of an in-vitro assay for studying DIP-based antiviral effects caused by innate immune responses”.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Molecular biology, Molecular medicine, Biochemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology, or related fields
  • Highly motivated, keen on learning with good scientific oral and written skills
  • Optional: experience with aseptic handling of cell culture and a background in molecular cloning

Start date

We are happy to have you in our group as soon as possible.


Kindly send your application along with C.V., letter of motivation, certificates and reference letters via e-mail to:

Tanya Dogra, M.Sc.

The Max Planck Society is committed to increasing the number of individuals with disabilities in its workforce and therefore encourages applications from such qualified individuals. Furthermore, the Max Planck Society seeks to increase the number of women in those areas where they are underrepresented and therefore explicitly encourages women to apply.

Please note the information regarding storage of personal data.

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