Two Master Thesis Topics in Model Order Reduction (m/f/d)

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg

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Young Researchers

Complex Systems Computer Science Mathematics

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Job offer from April 23, 2020

The Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems in Magdeburg is offering two master thesis topics:

“Time-domain error estimation for model order reduction of second-order differential equations”

Numerically solving large-scale second-order differential equations are very common in mechanical engineering. Model order reduction has been considered as an efficient way of reducing the computational load when solving such systems. Efficient and tight error estimation of the reduced order models in time domain is still an open issue. The main work is on developing output error estimation for model order reduction of second-order parametric differential equations in time domain.

“Adaptive model order reduction for time-delay systems”

Simulating time-delay systems is still a tough task in electrical engineering. Usually, there are hundreds of delays, and the simulation time is very long for a system with more than O(10^4) degrees of freedom. Model order reduction tries to find a smaller model (reduced order model) with much less degrees of freedom, but preserves the delay structure of the original model into the reduced order model. This work focuses on adaptive constructing the reduced order model of time-delay systems using a tight and fast-to-compute error estimator for the transfer function of the delay system.

Expected Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering
  • Familiarity with basics of model order reduction, numerical linear algebra, and/or system and control theory
  • experience in programming with MATLAB or C++
  • oral, reading and writing skills in English

The Max Planck Society is committed to increasing the number of individuals with disabilities in its workforce and therefore encourages applications from such qualified individuals. Furthermore, the Max Planck Society seeks to increase the number of women in those areas where they are under-represented and therefore explicitly encourages women to apply.

We offer

The candidate (m/f/d) will work in the department of Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory (CSC). Details about the institute and the department can be found at .

Your Application

Please send your application (and any inquiries) via e-mail (subject: MasterThesis2020_fullname) to . Further details about the job profile can be obtained from Dr. Lihong Feng, team leader "Model Order Reduction" within the CSC department,


Lihong Feng
E-Mail: Phone: +49 (0) 391 6110 379

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