Work Life Balance

The Max Planck Institute Magdeburg has various offers in order to allow the reconciling between work, family, private life and leisure.

Family care

It can happen: something unexpectedly pops up, and the children care does not work. Therefore, the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg has set up a parent-child-office with two workstations, a playroom and a bedroom.

Through a close cooperation with the pme Family Service, we support the search for short and long-term care provision for children and also for the care of elderly relatives. Moreover, we have partnerships with two children's day-care centers located near the institute.

Healthy working environment

A “health day” with focus on healthy habits in the office takes place every two years. Furthermore, courses on postural education and back pain prevention are organized in cooperation with a health insurance company. Massages are also available (self-paid) for students and employees.

Whenever a break is needed, table kicker and table tennis facilities are available in the outdoor area for sporty, stress-free moments.

Volunteering and leisure activities

Our employees have organized themselves in different groups in order to pursue common interests and have fun after their regular shifts.

There is currently a BrauAG, a MPI choir and a sustainability group. Apart from that, the band muMPItz rehearses here and enriches the MPI summer and Christmas celebrations with its performances.

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