Systems and Control Theory

SUPERVISOR: Prof. Dr. Rolf Findeisen

Petar Andonov website
Set-based methods for guaranteed identification and control of hybrid systems 

Tobias Bäthge website
Control of fast mechatronical systems

Christian Kallies website
Optimized based calibration, control and dual control of uncertain chemical and biochemical processes

Benjamin Kern website
Control of particulate processes subject to uncertainties

Markus Kögel website
Analysis and decentralized control of complex processes using fast optimization-based methods

Bruno Morabito website
Decision Making and Autonomy for Uncertain Systems 

Nadine Rudolph website
Quantitative modeling of biological systems using set-based analysis methods

SUPERVISOR: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Steffen Waldherr

Banafsheh Jabarivelisdeh website
Productivity improvement using constraint based models in a dynamic optimization scheme

Henning Lindhorst website
Hamilton-Pontryagin approach to cellular reaction networks

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